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In this post we will have a look at what online learning is and what you need to have to get started with Uniserv Distance Study.

Online learning, also known as e-learning or distance learning, is a mode of education that takes place over the internet. It allows students to access educational materials and interact with instructors and fellow students remotely, without the need to attend traditional in-person classes.

What are some of the pros of online learning?

1. Flexibility - Online learning allows students to access course materials and complete assignments on their own schedule, making it easier to balance education with work or other responsibilities.

2. Cost-effectiveness: Online learning can be more affordable than traditional classroom-based education, as it eliminates the need for students to pay for transportation, housing, and other associated costs.

3. Self-paced learning: Online learning allows students to study at their own pace, which can be beneficial for those who learn best through self-directed study.

4. Accessibility: Online learning makes education more accessible to individuals who may not have access to traditional classroom-based educa

tion due to geographic, financial, or other barriers.

Here is the list of requirements to kick start your online learning journey from top universities globally.

1. Updated CV

2. Diploma/Degree/Undergraduate/Postgraduate Certificate

3. Passport/ID

4. Recommendation Letter - professional(with a letter head, dated and signed/stamped) OR

5. Academic recommendation letter (with a letter head, dated and signed/stamped)

6. Transcripts

7. Personal Statement

What next once you have all these?

1. Click on our website link and browse through a list of courses from partner universities

2. Select your preferred course of study

3. Fill in your details on the form that opens up on the same browser window.

4. Your details have been captured successfully, sit and relax as one of our counsellors will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

What are the benefits doing applications with Uniserv Distance Study?

1. We do not charge any amount on the application process. You only pay up for the fees direct to the university once you are accepted.

2. We offer career counselling and help you choose a course if you are un

decided on what to pursue.

3. We offer student support in any case you may have challenges contacting the university once you have enrolled.

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