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Online Health Courses

Msc Public Health Online

Duration 30 months

Total fees £ 15,300

Through the programme you will explore key topics within public health such as principles and practice within a global context, as well as methodologies and approaches from an ethical, social and economic standpoint. You will learn to critically appraise the complexities of health and social systems from different stakeholder perspectives and evaluate options for strategy development and programme interventions.

University of Liverpool
Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Duration 24 months

Total fees £ 21,750

The course is based at the heart of NHS clinical services, and draws on the specialist knowledge of the experienced and high profile staff at the world-renowned Leicester Diabetes Centre and the University of Leicester

University of Leicester
Msc  Nursing Online

Duration 3 years

Total fees £ 8,505

 The course covers contemporary and global nursing practice, ethical and legal frameworks, sustainability within the health and social care sector, professional accountability and leadership and management surrounding person-centred care; and culminates in an independent practice-based project.

University of Derby
Msc Infection Control Online

Duration 24 months

Total fees £ 11,836

You will gain the latest knowledge and understanding of infection control practice, enabling you to make improvements in your chosen area. You’ll learn how to develop and implement strategies to reduce the spread of infection and respond appropriately to future outbreaks. You’ll improve your ability to advise policy makers and other clinicians on matters relating to infection.

University of Essex Online
Msc Health Promotion Online

Duration 1-2 years

Total fees: $38,000 for 1 yr full-time AUD

You will develop skills and knowledge in health program planning, evidence-based strategies, policy, advocacy and research to prevent, minimise and respond early to health issues and their underlying causes.

Deakin University
LLM Medical Law and Ethics Online

Duration 12 months

Total fees £ 7,500

Develop the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to promote and protect public health and wellbeing. You will be equipped for a variety of roles in health promotion and public health, working for local authorities, health services or in the voluntary sector. 

Leeds Beckett University
Msc Public Health Nutrition Online

Duration 13 months

Total fees £ 12,850

This online MSc Public Health Nutrition course provides teaching and learning around the role of food and nutrition in health and disease, and how this knowledge can be applied to improve public health.

Robert Gordon University
Msc Health Economics and Policy Online

Duration 24 months

Total fees £ 12,440 per year

The MSc in Health Economics and Policy meets the needs of those wishing to gain a deeper understanding of health economics theory, research and practice, whilst fulfilling their existing responsibilities.

Lancaster University
Occupational and Organisational Psychology MSc Online

Duration 24 months

Total fees £ 7,200

Designed for individuals who have studied or are working in a health-related field, the University of Wolverhampton’s Master of Public Health (MPH) will expand your skills and knowledge on public health, and prepare you for progression in this exciting and important sector.

University of Wolverhampton
Msc Occupation Health and Safety Online

Duration 3 years

Total fees £ 10,900 per year

Whether you want to progress your career as an Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner or specialise in managing safety in fields such as construction, nuclear, or oil and gas, this MSc Occupational Health and Safety Management Learning at Work Masters course gives you the skills, knowledge.

University of Portsmouth
Msc Public Health Online

Duration 12 months

Total fees £ 9,900

The range of optional modules offered and the breadth of cases used across the programme will provide opportunities for specialism in the global and local context. This MPH Public Health course combines the work of public health theory, practice and research.

University of Hertfordshire
Applied Psychology Msc Online
University of Northampton

Duration 1 yr full-time

Total fees £ 16,500

It takes advantage of the most current theory and practices to explore the key aspects of the digital marketing environment and how it has influenced marketing strategy. It will consider how digital marketing fits in with traditional marketing theories and practices and consider what future trends in digital marketing will look like. 

Msc Global Public Health Leadership Online

Duration 12 months

Total fees £ 10,200

Our Master of Public Health (MPH) prepares you for key roles in the applied promotion and implementation of public health projects. It will develop you as a public health leader in the global context of practice.

Oxford Brookes University
Msc Neuroscience and Neurodegeneration Online

Duration 3 years

Total fees £4,333 each year

Enables you to apply the fundamentals of neuroanatomy and neurobiology to better understand the clinical features of patients with neurodegenerative disease, the molecular and cellular mechanisms underpinning these devastating disorders, and learn how insights from the laboratory are translated into benefits for patients.

The University of Sheffield
Msc Paramedic Practitioner Online

Duration 1.5 years

Total fees AUD $37,600

The course focuses on the clinical issues directly related to practice and develops a greater depth of understanding to enhance clinical decision making and critical thinking. Students will learn advanced-level clinical reasoning, assessment and knowledge to apply to their daily paramedical practice, while at the same time learning advanced skills in evidence-based practice and research.

Edith Cowan University
Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics MA Online

Duration 12 months

Total fees £ 10,570

This online course allows to you investigate current issues, debates and theories surrounding ethical principles in medicine and healthcare. You’ll gain a critical understanding of issues such as trust, confidentiality, autonomy and consent, and demonstrate the contemporary relevance of your findings by applying them to real-life case studies.

University of Leeds
Msc Forensic Psychology Online

Duration 12 months

Total fees $16,672

 In this master’s in health informatics program, you’ll learn how to contribute to improved patient outcomes across health care settings.

Arizon State University

Duration 24 months

Total fees £910 per 20-credit module

 This course is ideal if you are already working in a biomedical science environment.

London Metropolitan University
Cancer and Clinical Oncology Online MSc

Duration 12 months

Total fees £ 26,750

This programme will give you an understanding of the science underlying the principles and practice of oncology and how new treatments are developed, evaluated and implemented. You’ll gain specialist knowledge of cancer biology and pathology, drug development and research methodologies, giving you an excellent grounding in the clinical practice of oncology.

Queen Mary University of London
Msc Healthcare Leadership Online
University of Hull

Duration 24 months

Total fees £ 9,500

The programme encompasses leadership approaches and challenges from across the healthcare spectrum – helping you visualise how your current or future professional role functions within a larger, complex system. You can look forward to developing the capabilities required to enhance both your own practice and those of whom you work with. 

Oxford Brookes University

Duration 12 months

Total fees

£1,760 per single module

Our MSc Health Sciences Open Award allows you to build a bespoke Master’s degree. You can access a wide range of modules across the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences and combine these into an MSc pathway.

Global Health Management MSc Online
Arden University

Global Health Management


Duration 12 months

Total fees £ 10,550

Examining today’s most pressing healthcare management issues which transcend national boundaries, the course places emphasis on providing you with the latest skills in digital literacy and data analysis at use in global health management in the prevention of disease in global populations and the promotion of health and health equity among nations.

Organizational Psychology MSc Online

Duration 12 months

Total fees AUD 41,195

Designed to develop an in-depth understanding of contemporary midwifery theories and practice which will enable you to demonstrate leadership within the midwifery profession and contemporary maternity services. Extending your midwifery education in this way will place you in an optimum position to positively influence future midwifery practice and maternity services provision.

The University of Newcastle

Duration 36 months

Total fees

£ 4,005 per 60 credits

This course will give you a strong and wide-ranging understanding of the fundamental physical sciences relating to orthopaedic surgery, as well as developing your knowledge of modern treatment options for patients.

University of Dundee
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